Terms and Conditions

The site Triceloans is a service for issuing personal loans. The page contains all terms of use, privacy policy, agreement, and notifications. All accessible data can be found in the required section.

We advise you to read the section carefully since all legal obligations of each of the parties to the contract are indicated here, namely:

  • limitations of liability;
  • arbitration provisions;
  • rejection of class action claims.


The Company has the privilege to modify the clauses in Terms and Conditions. This can happen at any time. Each page indicates the last date on which the changes were made. All amended rules come into force on the seventh day after their publication on the site.

If we make significant changes to our terms of use, we will notify you of your email address. If you continue to operate the service after making changes, this means your automatic assent with the new rules.

Important Information and Disclosures

Consumer debt increased to $4.2 trillion in December 2020, according to the Federal Reserve. It hit the record last year and still continues to rise with plenty of consumers feeling an urgent need for extra financing due to the recession and pandemic.

While you may urgently need some funds to support your needs and bolster your personal finances, getting a personal loan is easy and convenient today. There is no need to postpone looking for the best solution until your disruptions lead you to major financial trouble.

Get rid of your temporary issues with no delay. Our company is here to help you no matter what your present needs are. Feel free to submit your request and get matched with the most suitable service providers today.

Material Disclosure

The operator of this platform is not a creditor, and we are not accountable of the actions of any creditor. Not every lender can issue up to $5,000. Such financial assistance is not available in every state due to federal or state laws and regulations.

Residents of New York cannot qualify to obtain the funds through this service. We do not control the loan decisions of the lenders and cannot guarantee each loan request will be approved by any of the participating creditors. This platform is free for consumers so you do not need to pay anything for submitting a request.

Consumers have the right to reject the service as they are not obliged to sign contracts with any service providers. For details and further information about your loan please get in touch with your creditor directly.

Credit implications This service does not make any crediting decisions and does not issue loans. The creditors from our network may conduct credit inquiries to verify the personal data and creditworthiness of the borrower. By submitting your application you allow creditors to verify your credit rating and your private details.

Please keep in mind that failing to make on-time payments on your loan may negatively impact your credit history. Low credit holders can also apply as lenders from our database accept consumers with any credit.

APR disclosure The creditor is obliged to provide all the loan conditions, fees, repayment terms, and additional charges prior to signing the contract. The repayment conditions and the APR may differ between creditors. Representative APRs range between 5.99% and 35.99%. Loan repayment period: minimum 6 months, maximum 72 months.

APR depends on the total sum of your loan, its cost, other terms, and the repayment schedule. Local and federal laws may also regulate the APRs. We do not have access to the loan conditions offered by the creditors, so all the information connected with rates, late payments, fees, and renewal policy can be obtained directly from the creditors.


The website is designed only for personal use or for local business points. To do this, special permission is provided, which has the following characteristics:

  • limited;
  • nonexclusive;
  • non-transferable;
  • non-sublicensable;
  • revocable.

Use of the site shall be allowed by this deal. You cannot:

  • Store, transmit, double, spread, sell, license, and sublicense this site or use it for commercial goals.
  • Users are also not allowed to perform any work on modifying, reconstructing, or modifying content.
  • Use the source code of the site, access it, interfere with work.
  • Remove any notice of proprietary rights (even intellectual property) and other services provided by the service Triceloans.

Site Usage

All content of the site is owned and controlled by Triceloans, includes:

  • program package;
  • design, visuals, images, illustrations, visual and user interfaces;
  • text, database, audio;
  • structure, information, products, and location.

Triceloans substitutes the right at any time to withdraw all rights granted in this agreement. You may not, directly or indirectly, spread, modify, or broadcast to third persons any content that appears on the site. This must be the prior written consent of the delegates of the Triceloans.


All data you provide is securely protected. For more precise terms of use and distribution, please visit our data protection policy.

Credit Check

Lenders have access to your identification data (Social Security number, driver’s license number) to verify the creditworthiness and creditworthiness of the borrower. When you complete the data on the site, you automatically agree to distribute it to creditors. This will help you verify your credit history and identity.

SMS and Automatic Calls

The service has the right to contact you via telephone calls, SMS, or e-mail. You specify this info when registering on the site and agree to use it. This is not a requirement when making purchases or services that are offered on the site.

By sending the word “STOP” in response to any message, the distribution is automatically stopped. If you need more information or help, you just need to send the word “HELP.” And our consultants will contact you.

By requesting credence, you inevitably provide info and consent to be contacted for individual credit services. The following methods can be used to speed up a query:

  • automatic dialing system;
  • pre-recorded audio messages;
  • SMS message.

You automatically agree to get marketing calls and SMS from Triceloans and partners.


By applying for a personal loan, you confirm that:

  • you are 18 years old;
  • have the legal right to conclude a contract;
  • will not use the site to violate the legal party or the rights of third persons;
  • the info you provide is faithful and correct;
  • you will follow with the obligations and terms of use outlined in this document.

The Triceloans service does not guarantee the results of using the site. All materials and terms are listed on the site without a warranty.

Liability Limit

We are not responsible for any indirect, incidental, special, or punitive damages. We are not responsible for losing the security of the connection to use this site. Total credit liability does not exceed $100. This does not depend on the reason, the results of your use of the site, claims related to this agreement.

Certain jurisdictions may not exclude certain guarantees or limit/exclude liability for incidental or indirect damages. In this case, our responsibility is limited to the maximum legislative degree of payments.


You agree that the Indemnified Parties will have no liability for any such breach or unauthorized use, and you agree to indemnify all resulting loss, damages, judgments, awards, costs, expenses, and attorneys’ fees and litigation expenses of the Indemnified Parties in connection therewith.

DMCA Notice

If any materials on the site, the services offered violate your copyright, you can submit an application to our agents in the office or write to our service’s mail. A copy of this formal notice may be sent to a third party who may publish and/or annotate it.

Foreign Users

The service is Triceloans, valid only in the United States. Be sure to check the legal side in the regions of your stay. Users who are residents of a foreign country agree that:

  • access to the site was voluntary;
  • they will not violate the rules for the use, diffusion, and adjustment of info on the site and violate the legal side of the agreement specified above;
  • will not violate the legislative framework of the user’s country of residence;
  • Triceloans is not responsible for laws outside the United States;
  • the use of site services is governed by the arbitration provisions specified in the document;
  • personal data will be processed by US requirements.

Governing Law

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of California. State ship organizations are a mandatory place to consider all claims and disagreements that arose when working on the site. By using the service, you must agree to this provision of the contract and exclusive jurisdiction. Within 1 year of the issue, you have the right to file a lawsuit.

Binding Arbitration

Any disputes that arise while working on the site or related to it are transferred to binding arbitration. According to this, the American Arbitration Association acts as a single body to resolve such issues and not court authorities.

The association is located in Los Angeles, California. Each arbitrator shall be notified of the subject matter of the dispute. After 60 days of appointment, all disputes must be closed.

Each party has the right to the presence of counsel to appear and present written and oral evidence and arguments. The cross-examination of witnesses submitted by the other party shall be entitled to be, provided that, where appropriate, the arbitrator may obtain evidence by telephone, video, or other electronic means.

The application must be in writing. The decision of the arbitrator is final and binding on both parties and is not subject to appeal. The winning party shall be entitled to compensation for attorneys’ fees and other expenses incurred in the proceedings. The arbitrator may not award punitive or exemplary damages.

Every party reserves the right to seek judicial assistance:

  • to file a claim against arbitration;
  • to obtain interim measures of protection;
  • seek injunctive relief in courts of any jurisdiction;
  • in case of infringement or misappropriation of a patent, copyright, trademark Triceloans;
  • to ensure compliance with the decision of the arbitrator.

By agreeing to the resolution of the issue in arbitration, you automatically refuse to file a lawsuit and trial by jury. Notwithstanding the contrary, any party to the arbitration may at any time apply to any court of competent jurisdiction for an injunction or other form of equitable relief.

Notice of Claim

Triceloans reserves the right to resolve any dispute arising within 30 days of receipt of the relevant notice by mail. If this does not happen, you can continue to consider it in arbitration or court.

No Class Actions

When you use the service, you automatically waive any right to dispute on a consolidated or class-wide basis. This means that you cannot combine the claim with the claim of any other natural or legal person or declare as a representative on behalf of another person. You refuse a class action and file it only individually.


Specific provisions of this agreement may be considered unlawful only after the court or arbitrator has recognized competent jurisdiction. The agreement as a whole will be considered legal, valid, except for points declared illegal.

Relationship Between the Parties

The relationship between the user and the organization does not imply partnerships, workers, or friends. This is the relationship of independent contractors responsible for actions. Neither party shall have the right or authority to bear, accept or create in writing or otherwise any guarantee, obligation, or other obligation of any kind on behalf of the other party.

The Parties may not violate the rules specified in the Agreement, transfer the obligations to third persons without the prior written consent of the Triceloans. When unauthorized actions are carried out, they will have no legal effect and will constitute a significant violation. Service Triceloans reserves the right to transfer obligations or use contractors, licensees. This will all ensure that the obligations under this Agreement are properly fulfilled.


The Organization reserves the right at any time to terminate cooperation with the user if he is suspected of fraud, illegal actions violating the general law, or the terms of the Agreement. This is to protect business reputation, business, and other users of the resource. Suspicion of fraud is provided at Triceloans’s discretion.