Best Personal Loans For Single Moms In 2024

Looking for additional financial help as a single mom can be tiresome, indeed. The system has many complications for single parents when looking for loans or other financial aid.

If you want to make the system work for you as a single mom, our guide will help. In the following article, you will find the list of loan providers to try for single moms.

We will tell more about the ins and outs of a loan application process for a single parent and describe other types of financial aid besides loans for single mothers.

It’s not an easy part of parenting when you need to provide decent education, medical help, and entertainment for the kids as a single mother. But we are here to help with practical, helpful advice for anyone needing them.

Personal Loans For Single Moms: Best Offers 2024

How to find the best small personal loan offer as a single parent? There’s a wrong thought that single mothers can only apply for a short-term payday loan with a high-interest rate and inconvenient repayment terms.

However, it’s no longer true with the current financial system. Anyone can apply for home loans as long as the applicant is eligible for this very application.

You may think that providing the down payment and applying for a home loan is cumbersome with all the issues considered, but it’s not. We’ve gathered a list of the most helpful loan providers for single mothers.

You will find the list of the top 7 lenders to make you close your financial emergencies for the financial future fast and without any issues. You don’t need to fill your head with questions and unnecessary searches. We’ve already done the work for you and compiled a list of offers worthy of your attention as a single parent.


With a good name on the Internet and among borrowers, Figure has become one of the first loan options for taking a personal loan. And it can also work for single mothers. The positive side of the interest free loan provider is complete digitization. You can use an AI-based app to manage your home loans remotely.

  • $5,000 – $50,000
  • 5.75% – 22.94% interest rate
  • 36 or 60 months for repayment terms
  • 0% – 3% origination fee
  • 680+ credit score

The pros start with the fast application, down payment, and approval process. With the help of online technologies, you can apply fast. It will take just a few minutes to get your money.

It usually doesn’t take longer than a week. Another positive part is the absence of fees. You won’t be charged late fees. There are also no monthly payment penalties. With the impressive maximum loan amount, the minimum amount is relatively high, so it may not apply to many.

However, considering all the positive sides, Figure can be a somewhat competitive lender on the market. And it can also work for single mothers.


Upgrade is a popular loan provider with fixed rates and comparatively low fees for your bank account. You can also expect to get loan funds quickly. Before proceeding with the description, it’s beneficial to look at some data.

  • $1,000 – $50,000
  • 8.24% – 35.97% interest rate
  • 24 – 84 months for repayment terms
  • 1.85% – 8.99% origination fee
  • $10 late fee
  • 580+ credit score

So what’s Upgrade? With the Upgrade, you can save money, refinance your credit cards, cover massive expenses, or use it for debt consolidation. It’s a great offer for applicants with fair credit. If you don’t have an excellent score, it’s not a problem. You still have all the chances to apply for a decent home loan.

Pros of using the Upgrade as a home loan provider are the minimum loan amounts, lousy credit score required, soft credit pull, and direct down payment actions for loan consolidation.

What about the cons? Applicants may not be happy with the presence of origination and late fees, as well as not the highest maximum loan amount. Why do you need Upgrade? It’s a great lender for fast loan funds. You can meet your financial goals even without an excellent down payment.


What’s it best for? The Upstart loan provider is best for debt consolidation. If you want to make a big purchase, it will also work great with Upstart. This initiative will also be handy for those looking to cover down payments. What are some technical details behind the home loan offer?

  • $1,000 – $50,000
  • 6.12% – 35.99% interest rate
  • 36 or 60 months for repayment terms
  • 0% – 8% origination fee
  • $15 or 5% late fee
  • 300+ credit score

With a minimum credit score required from the applicants, Upstart is one of the best loan options for bad credit applications. With the low minimum loan amount, there are way more chances for applicants to get their cash advance fast.

The positive side of working with Upstart is the loan options for borrowers with a bad credit score. Fast funding and low interest rates are additional perks to experience with Upstart.

However, certain drawbacks exist, such as an origination fee and differences in terms depending on the state.

Personal Loans™

Why do you need to try a lending service with loans for single moms? You may need some extra money for your personal expenses. If you struggle with down payments or obtaining a higher credit score, it may be beneficial to try forgivable loans. This service accepts low credit scores and offers reasonable terms.

  • $1,000 to $35,000
  • 6.99% – 35.99% interest rate
  • 2 to 6 years for repayment terms
  • 0% – 3% origination fee
  • A fair credit score is required

With the loans for single mothers, you can take up to $35,000 as a maximum loan amount, which makes the offer quite appealing. With the long repayment terms, soft credit pull, and no late fees imposed, it’s possible to have a win-win with the lending service. Moreover, there’s a loan option to apply with bad credit. However, be careful with the higher interest rates since they can get expensive.


If you have a bad credit score but need money for your personal expenses, a network of direct lenders will significantly help. CreditLoan® provides services from direct lenders who accept up to $50,000 in personal loans. Are you thrilled to learn more?

  • $250 to $5,000
  • interest rate depends on each case
  • repayment terms not disclosed
  • fair credit score

CreditLoan® is an excellent chance for single mothers with low income and fair credit scores to get accepted. The positive side of working with CreditLoan® is the unsecured type of cooperation.

You don’t need collateral to get your monthly payments going, which can be a reasonable benefit for single mothers.

With all the benefits described, there’s a considerable drawback. The maximum loan amount is comparatively low to what other lending companies provide. So, if you expect a bigger sum, you may want to lower closing costs and consider different loan options from the list.


CashUSA is an excellent lending service providing help to those who struggle with bad credit scores. If you are a single mom trying to get some funding for various personal expenses, CashUSA can be a great chance.

  • $500 to $10,000
  • 5.99% – 35.99% interest rate
  • 3 to 72 months for repayment terms
  • no fees
  • no minimum credit score is required

There’s no need to spend days or weeks prequalifying. You must fill out the form, receive your money the next day, and provide a down payment. It’s a great chance to get funded even with some monthly payment history or credit balance issues. It’s also possible to get a line of credit from some lenders.

You don’t need to specify the purpose of the personal loan. You can cover almost any expense with the money received from CashUSA. Both the interest rate and minimum loan amount make these loans for single parents an excellent alternative for single mothers.


This loan provider is best for applicants with a low credit score. If you can’t apply for loans for single mothers with a more intricate approval process, you still have all the chances to try your luck with the BadCredit loans for single parents.

  • $500 to $10,000
  • 5.99% – 35.99% interest rate
  • 3 to 60 months for repayment terms
  • 0% – 3% origination fee
  • A low credit score is required

Applicants will be pleased with the low minimum loan amount, sufficient monthly payments, and low credit balance required. Is there anything to worry about? It would be best to be careful with the interest rates since they can get pretty high, depending on your credit balance and other agreement terms.

Summing Up Of Personal Loans For Single Moms 2024

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep track of all the details described in the review. For this reason, we’ve created a handy table with all the necessary information for comparison. If you need to compare the lenders and what their fees, down payment obligations, or terms are, this table will help.

Interest Rate Fees Loan Amount Loan Term Required Credit Score
Figure 5.75% – 22.94% APR 0% – 3% origination fee $5,000 – $50,000 36 or 60 months 680+ credit score
Upgrade 8.24% – 35.97% APR 1.85% – 8.99% origination fee $10 late fee $1,000 – $50,000 24 – 84 months 580+ credit score
Upstart 6.12% – 35.99% APR 0% – 8% origination fee $15 or 5% late fee $1,000 – $50,000 36 or 60 months 580+ credit score
PersonalLoans 6.99% – 35.99% APR 0% – 3% origination fee $1,000 to $35,000 2 to 6 years A fair credit score is required
CreditLoan varies vary $250 to $5,000 not disclosed fair credit score
CashUSA 5.99% – 35.99% APR no fees $500 to $10,000 3 to 72 months no minimum credit score is required
BadCreditLoans 5.99% – 35.99% APR 0% – 3% origination fee $500 to $10,000 3 to 60 months low credit score

Types Of Financial Help For Single Moms

Loans for single parents are outstanding for a specific purpose. If you need to cover a big purchase, pay bills, manage some extra expenses, or use the money for other reasons, loans for single moms are best to use.

However, it’s not a remedy, and in many cases, there are other ways provided by the Federal Housing Administration to help with money. For single mothers, there are plenty of ways to get financial aid without getting into much debt.

The following list uncovers the most popular loan options when you’re a single mother. Do you need to manage closing costs and set up a savings account for your kid’s education?

Or maybe you need to cover medical bills? It’s possible with down payment assistance for single mothers. Let’s get into the details and uncover the nitty-gritty of some extra sources of down payment assistance for mothers. You won’t be left alone if you need money as a single mom with the following payment assistance programs.

Health Insurance For Single Mothers

Health insurance is critical for single parents, especially for single mothers. The health insurance system in the USA is complex, making it not very accessible for single mothers and obliging them with a financial burden. What types of health insurance can a single mother expect to get? These are some of the examples to consider:

  • The employer provides health insurance. If you can find a job while being a single mom, your employer can cover the down payment and assign the insurance to your baby, too.
  • Family health insurance options also work for a single mother. You can check the down payment requirement, terms, and conditions to see what you need to be eligible for the payment assistance programs.
  • Medicaid payment assistance is an excellent alternative to regular insurance. The government-funded program covers certain states of society, referring also to a single mother.

There are also other ways to get closing cost assistance in the form of health insurance for a single mom. You can use short term loans or a parent’s mortgage insurance loan option.

Scholarships For Single Mothers

Your living costs aren’t the only thing that matters. Many single mothers are still on their way to academic success so scholarships may be vital to them.

As a single mom, you can receive financial aid. It comes in different shapes and forms. The first thing that single mothers think of is student loans for single moms. However, it’s not a single option for closing costs.

Taking loans for single moms isn’t the only way out when you need money. Regarding studying purposes, women can expect scholarships to cover their education. It can take more time to apply for the scholarship and requires more effort.

But if you have the knowledge and can fit in the academic competition, a scholarship for a single mom can be an option.

Temporary Aids For Needy Families Or Single Moms

If your family experiences complex financial institutions, you may find the loan programs helpful. The TANF activity was established to help families with children get funded for their basic needs, such as mortgage insurance.

The down payment system was created to help low income buyers meet the basic health needs of their kids and maintain relevant health conditions even in poverty.

How do you apply for temporary financial assistance? There are specific rules to check if the applicant is eligible for receiving mortgage insurance payment assistance from the organization. Each state has its down payment requirement that defines whether the family falls under the conditions.

The program isn’t life-long; it has limits, even with the mortgage insurance premium. To apply for the funds, a family has to provide the necessary down payment document verifying their status.

The next step is to send the mortgage insurance application and get funded. In detail, the process is much neater and requires much effort from the applicant. But it’s a great chance to get payment assistance from the country.

Loans For Single Unemployed Moms With Bad Credit

Loans for single mothers are an obvious way to get money, and they also work for unemployed single mothers. It’s a true challenge to find a job when you’re occupied with a child as a single parent. Not every company will agree to accept the application from an unemployed single mom.

However, there are plenty of firms that agree to this type of cooperation and give single mothers a chance.

What matters here is the credit score balance and your potential income. If you want to take a payday loan, for example, or home loans, the income sources aren’t significant.

But if you want to expect a long-term mortgage insurance loan program, it’s essential to play safe and follow the rules. If you don’t have a stable income, you can always co-sign the loan program or find a co-borrower to help you with the down payment.

Each company has its own rules regarding the credits for unemployed single mothers. You should check our list of mortgage lender services to see what can suit you best.

Diversion Cash Assistance (DCA)

You have learned about the Temporary Aids For Needy Families Or Single Moms initiative. FHA loans are a great way to get money for your needs, but there’s a drawback. The application and eligibility process can be overwhelming, so it isn’t always the best idea for every family. In this case, using a shortcut and trying the DCA is possible.

Diversion Cash Assistance is one of the federal grants to help single low income families with their short needs. What does the DCA help with? You can spend the money from the program in a couple of ways. It’s primarily used for mortgage insurance, housing, medical bills, transportation, childcare, or employment.

Nevertheless, you can expect assistance programs for your short-term goals, but there are still specific down payment requirements for the applicants. You are eligible for the program if you can provide information about your moderate or low income and give some guarantees that you will receive some revenue in the future to cover the down payment.

Childcare Programs For Single Mothers

These assistance programs are very popular among single mothers and regular families. They can give plenty of opportunities for the parents and help them figure out the issues on their own. With the payment assistance of federal grants, single parents should no longer fear their kids’ future. It’s possible with the funding received from the following child support payments.

  • Head Start is an excellent initiative if you have a low income. However, it’s only applicable to families with children till 5 years old.
  • Child Care Aware of America is free down payment assistance. It’s close to the VA loans. As well as VA loans, this type of loan is only for military families. If you ever served in the Armed Forces, you should consider government grants.
  • The Childcare Access Program is aimed at families who want to provide their kids with a decent education. It is mainly related to post-secondary schools.

You can find VA loans, mortgage insurance programs, USDA loans, and FHA loans focused on the well-being of kids who don’t have a full family. There are many more loan programs than described in the list. You can look for local down payment assistance providers or apply for bigger assistance programs to meet the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements For Personal Loans For Single Moms

Before applying for an emergency loan, you must check the eligibility requirements for USDA loans. Not only is the loan application process tiresome, but it can also threaten and worsen your credit score. For this reason, you don’t want to have a couple of unsuccessful tries. To make the first shot successful, you should look at the eligibility requirements for single mothers.

  • Down payment financial history and credit score balance are decisive factors for loan application. Each lender has its requirements regarding the credit score balance. If you don’t meet the minimum bar, the chances are low for you to get your own money. So, performing a credit check is critical.
  • What’s your income? It’s common for single mothers to stay home with their children, but it can complicate the loan application process. If you work and have some income, you should provide evidence of payment.
  • The debt-to-income ratio also matters within the financial situation. In most cases, you can’t cross the 36% line. Otherwise, you can find it challenging to apply for a loan and get a positive answer without a down payment.

Other than that, you should also comply with the significant requirements for USDA loans. These cover being a grown 18-year-old U.S. citizen and providing the documents to prove your ID.

How To Get Personal Loan For Single Mothers

You’ve learned what types of loans for single moms you can find. You now also know the list of lenders you can request for a conventional loan. But what if there are still some questions? If you can’t manage the information you’ve grasped, you can ask for help from the personal finance writer or check a step-by-step guide. Why does it help? It’s a list of steps to make you more organized during the loan application process.

  1. Check your credit. It’s a significant step to take. There are three credit bureaus to request a report. You should check the financial situation of these major credit bureaus to understand your current balance and know what mortgage loan provides to work with.
  2. Start looking for FHA loans and comparing the offers. Some FHA loans offer better than others, so you may consider your favorites from the beginning of the search.
  3. If you don’t meet specific requirements, it’s time to work on them and fix the situation. If possible, work on your credit score or current down payment financial history to improve your score and raise your chances of getting a better conventional loan.
  4. When you know you are eligible for the mortgage loan, start gathering the papers. The application process is quite simple once you have all the documents. Check the official lenders’ websites or contact them for the complete list of papers.
  5. The final step is the application time. Find the official application form, fill it out, and send it to the lender.

It’s an easy process when you’re properly guided. Your task is to be ready with the documents and know you’re eligible for the FHA loan application beforehand. Now, it’s time to send the application and receive the answer. It usually takes a couple of days. So, if you don’t get the answer on time, you should feel free to contact the lender for clarification.

What To Consider Before Taking Out Loan For Single Mothers

If you’re a single parent looking for extra financial aid, you should be careful and attentive. Lenders are ready to impose extra fees and treat their applicants differently, so it’s better to be careful about the applications.

What do you need to remember when applying for a mortgage loan? Here are some pieces of advice to note down.

First of all, you need to be prepared for the application process. What does it mean? You must check your credit history by requesting a report from the three major credit bureaus. It will also help if you look at your credit history, income, and debt-to-income ratio. If you fail this part, you can lower your chances of getting assistance programs.

The second important FHA loan aspect is the documents needed. When you’re a single parent requesting money for childcare, medical bills, or education, you may need to double-verify your parenting documents. Having all the papers on hand is necessary to smooth and accelerate the application process.


If you decide to take short-term personal loan options, for example, payday loans, for a single mom, you can find it expensive. Short-term loans for single mothers usually feature higher fees and interest rates. But if you fall for a regular personal loan with traditional down payment terms, you won’t need to overpay.

Single parents can expect to deal with different types of personal loans, for example, home loans. It can be a payday loan, auto loans, mortgage, or any other type of loan. Single mothers are eligible for all types of loans for single mothers as long as they meet the lender’s eligibility requirements.

The credit score requirements depend on the type of lender you find and apply for. Some loan providers are good with fair-score applicants, while others want to work only with applicants who can prove an excellent score from the credit bureaus. One way or another, you can find conventional loans with any type of score as a single parent.

The approval terms for conventional loans can vary depending on your initial situation. If you don’t have any issues with the papers and are eligible for the credit history, the application and approval processes shouldn’t take more than a week. However, the approval process can take longer in the case of complications.