Albert App Review: Does Albert Really Give You Money

The Albert app is a legitimate one-stop shop for all your financial needs. Albert isn’t just about tracking your spending and savings; it’s a comprehensive financial ecosystem. With Albert, you can easily manage your Albert Cash and Albert Savings accounts, get cashback rewards on various categories, and even get a cash advance on your next paycheck when needed. This trustworthy app is designed to help you save money, invest wisely, and stay in control of your finances. Albert stands out with its stellar Trustpilot reviews and a range of features that make it a full-fledged financial assistant. Discover the full Albert app review and see where your money can go.

What is Albert App?

albert app review

Albert App is a financial app that stands out in the crowded market with its comprehensive functionality, making it a one-stop shop for diverse financial needs. Users can link their accounts to the app, ensuring seamless integration with the Albert ecosystem.

This trustworthy app, backed by positive albert trustpilot reviews, not only facilitates everyday budgeting but also offers investment opportunities through Albert Securities. Beyond financial management, it provides perks like free low cash advance limit, demonstrating its commitment to user satisfaction. Trust Albert to handle your money and financial endeavors with efficiency and security.

Key Features of Albert App:

  • Albert is one of the personal finance apps that leverages smart technology to analyze your spending habits and income, automatically earmarking an appropriate sum of money from your income for savings. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who struggle with money saving consistently.
  • The app provides users with tools to monitor their spending, categorize expenses, and set budgeting goals. It gives a comprehensive overview of where the money is going, helping users stay on top of their financial commitments.
  • For users interested in investing, Albert instant app offers investment options. It helps in creating a personalized investment portfolio based on the user’s risk tolerance and financial goals, making it easier for beginners to step into the world of investing.
  • Recognizing the need for emergency funds, the app provides the option of fee-free cash advances up to a certain limit. This feature can be a financial lifeline for users in need of quick cash to tide over short-term financial gaps.
  • Users can get early access to their paycheck by setting up direct deposits, enhancing the app’s appeal to those who need funds before their regular payday.
  • Albert also delves into insurance, offering users the ability to explore and compare different insurance options, including life, auto, and home insurance. This feature simplifies the often complex process of finding suitable insurance coverage.
  • Perhaps one of the most standout features of the Albert app is the Genius subscription, which gives users access to human financial advisors. This service is beneficial for those seeking personalized financial advice and guidance.
  • For Genius subscribers, the app offers cash back rewards on categories like gas and groceries, along with access to a network of fee-free ATMs.

Pros and Cons of Albert App


  • Albert is popular cash advance app that combines banking, saving, borrowing, and investing in one platform
  • Offers up to $250 in cash advances without interest
  • Users can create tailored investment portfolios based on their financial goals and risk tolerance
  • Smart Savings feature helps users automatically set aside money for specific financial goals
  • Direct deposit users can access their paycheck up to two days early
  • Users can start with no minimum funding and no maintenance fees for the Albert Cash account
  • With the Genius subscription, users can get personalized financial advice
  • Genius subscribers earn cash back on various spending categories.


  • Albert Genius, which offers advanced features, comes with a monthly fee
  • Customer support is primarily available through email and text, with no direct phone support
  • Investment options do not include retirement plans, limiting long-term investment possibilities
  • The budgeting tools are more basic compared to specialized budgeting apps
  • Qualifying for cash advances requires meeting certain criteria, and it can take time to become eligible
  • The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on Albert Savings accounts is lower compared to some high-yield savings accounts
  • While offering insurance options, the app even acts more as a facilitator with external insurance providers
  • The app’s automated savings feature might lead to overdrafts if not monitored closely.

Albert App Features

Albert Cash – Comprehensive Mobile Banking with Notable Benefits

Albert Cash provides an extensive mobile banking experience through Sutton Bank. This service includes a debit card with no minimum funding requirements and exempts users from monthly maintenance fees. Key features of Albert Cash encompass early paycheck access, allowing users to receive their paychecks up to two days early via direct deposit. For Albert Genius subscribers, the app offers fee-free access to over 55,000 AllPoint ATMs and cash back rewards on a variety of spending categories when using the Albert debit card. Additionally, Albert Cash ensures the safety and security of user deposits with FDIC insurance coverage of up to $250,000.

Cash Advances – Accessible and Interest-Free Financial Support from Albert

Albert offers cash advances up to $250, with no interest charges. To be eligible, users must demonstrate a consistent income from the same employer over the past two months and have an active bank account linked to Albert for more than two months, free of negative balances. Additionally, timely receipt of recent paychecks with available funds post-payday is required. Users have the option of an instant cash advance for a nominal fee or a free advance with a 2-3 day waiting period.

Smart Savings – Automated Financial Goal-Setting with Albert Genius

Smart Savings, exclusive to Albert Genius subscribers, is a dynamic tool that intelligently analyzes a user’s income, bills, and spending patterns to automatically earmark funds for savings. It allows users to set specific financial goals, such as accumulating emergency funds or saving for significant purchases. This feature offers customization options and can be disabled according to user preferences, providing a tailored approach to achieving financial objectives.

Albert Investing – Diverse Investment Opportunities and Personalized Portfolios

Albert’s investment feature presents a variety of options, including individual stocks, classic portfolios, and themed investments, catering to diverse investor preferences. Users can craft custom investment portfolios tailored to their specific risk tolerance and financial objectives. The platform supports fractional share investing, enabling users to commence their investment journey with as little as $1. Additionally, Albert includes an auto-invest feature, which facilitates regular and consistent investment contributions, aligning with users’ long-term financial strategies.

Financial Overview – Comprehensive Tracking and Alerts by Albert App

Albert App stands out as a legitimate app, loved for its comprehensive financial overview. App is a one-stop shop for your monthly financial needs. The app will help efficiently categorizes expenses, diligently tracks upcoming bills, and consistently monitors savings achievements. It is designed to proactively alert users about any unusual transactions, potential bill increases, and risks of overdrafts, ensuring thorough and real-time financial oversight.

f you need funds in your Albert Cash, Albert pays swiftly from your linked bank. Plus, get a cash advance for free; the app will ask you a few days to receive your cash. With many Albert perks, you’ll love the Albert ecosystem. Put money into savings without hassle and enjoy peace of mind with Albert.

Albert Insurance – Simplifying Insurance Choices and Comparisons

Albert App partners with a diverse range of insurance providers, offering users an easy way to explore and compare various insurance policies, like renters insurance through the app. The app can help users conveniently obtain quotes for life, auto, and renters insurance, assisting them in selecting the most suitable coverage options tailored to their individual requirements. Plus, the app allows you to receive your cash advance and manage money from your linked bank.

Albert Genius Subscription: Enhanced Features and Services

The Albert Genius subscription elevates the user experience with advanced features not available in the free version. Genius subscribers gain access to personalized financial advice from experts, enhanced savings tools, and exclusive investment opportunities.

In contrast to the free service, which offers basic account monitoring and cash advances, the Genius subscription provides comprehensive financial guidance, including investment portfolio customization, and insurance options. This subscription is ideal for users seeking in-depth financial management and tailored advice for a monthly fee, offering a more robust and interactive financial toolset compared to the app’s free functionalities.

The comparison between the features available in the free service and those offered with the Genius subscription for the Albert app are as follows:

Feature Free Service Genius Subscription
Basic Account Monitoring Yes Yes
Cash Advances Yes Yes
Personal Financial Advice No Yes
Enhanced Savings Tools No Yes
Investment Portfolio Customization No Yes
Insurance Options No Yes
Cash Back Rewards No Yes

Comparison with Competitors

Albert, with its comprehensive suite of financial management tools, stands as a notable contender. However, to fully gauge its effectiveness, it’s crucial to compare it with other leading apps in the market like Oportun and Brigit. Here’s a comparison table for Albert, Oportun, and Brigit:

Feature Albert Oportun Brigit
Automated Savings Yes Yes No
Investment Options Yes (with Genius subscription) Yes (low-fee ETFs) No
Monthly Fee $8 minimum for Genius subscription $5 $14.99
Cash Advances Up to $250 (eligibility required) No Up to $250 (eligibility required)
Credit Building Feature No Yes Yes
Early Paycheck Access Yes Not specified No
Cash Back Rewards Yes (for Genius subscribers) Not specified No
Budgeting Tools Basic Yes Yes


What Exactly is Albert App?

The Albert app is a comprehensive financial tool. It offers budget tracking, automatic savings, and investment guidance. Users can also get cash advances instantly, similar to popular apps. You can move money from your bank, set up an Albert cash advance, and view all funds in your Albert account.

How Secure is Albert App?

Albert uses bank-level security protocols to protect user data and transactions. It also ensures FDIC insurance on savings through its partnering banks, offering a high level of security for your financial information and deposits.

Can Albert App Help with Investments?

Yes, Albert offers investment options where users can create a custom investment portfolio. It supports fractional share investing and provides guidance for new investors.

Is There a Fee for Using Albert App?

Albert App also offers many legitimate features for free, but for comprehensive financial advice, subscribe to Genius service for a fee. Albert is a trusted investing app with cash and savings accounts.

How Does the Cash Advance Feature Work?

Albert provides interest-free cash advances up to $250. Eligibility depends on consistent income, account activity, and other factors. Users can choose an instant advance for a small fee or a standard advance with a short waiting period.

What Makes Albert Genius Subscription Unique?

Albert Genius offers personalized financial advice from human experts, more advanced saving and investing tools, and additional perks like cash-back rewards and fee-free ATM access.

Can Albert App Help with Budgeting and Saving?

Albert is not a bank; it’s a financial all-in-one app that helps with budgeting and saving. With features like automatic savings, cash advance, and investment options, Albert may be the solution for your monthly financial needs. Download the app in the App store to experience its legitimate and popular banking services.

How Does Albert Compare with Other Financial Apps?

Albert is a financial app that’s legit and stands out as an all-in-one solution. Unlike many, it offers banking, savings, and investing. Albert doesn’t store your funds in its cash or savings accounts. You can start investing and even manage your money via the app.

Can I Use Albert for Retirement Planning?

Albert, the instant banking app, doesn’t offer retirement planning services, therefore you cannot use the app for this purpose. While it’s a versatile app for managing money, investing, and cash advances, for retirement planning, you may need to explore other platforms that specialize in IRAs or 401(k)s.

How Responsive is Albert App’s Customer Service?

Albert App’s customer service, managed by a team of financial experts, is swift and helpful. Clients can contact Albert through email and in-app messaging. Although lacking phone support, users praise its responsiveness in addressing concerns and providing money advice.

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