Best Personal Loans for Good Credit in 2024

What is a personal loan for good credit? How does it differ from a personal loan for bad credit? In general, a personal loan for a good score loan offers better, more beneficial conditions for the applicants. You won’t need to overpay for the emergency, and the terms will be relatively fair compared to a poor credit personal loan proposition.

A good credit personal loan has more positive sides than a fair or low credit offer. However, it also requires a stronger application. A borrower needs to have very good or excellent credit scores, flawless credit history, and a stable income source to prequalify.

Our guide aims at helping applicants-to-be who want to get lower fees, longer repayment terms, and fair interest rates. Here, you will find a list of reliable lenders and useful tips for a smooth application process.

Personal Loans for Good Credit: Best Offers

You’ve worked hard on your credit history, taken care of your debt to income ratio, prepared the whole list of reports, and are ready to send the application. But what loans for good scores to choose from? Many online lenders offer their clients more or less the same loan offers.

How to choose the best company to have a win-win in the end? Our helpful guide should come in handy in this case! Looking for a personal loan can be even more cumbersome than dealing with a bad credit personal loan.

You don’t want your hard work to vanish due to some random mistakes along the way. For this reason, we’ve built a list of personal loan providers worth your attention. Let’s get into it and see each service that offers personal loans.


Upstart is one of the leaders in the lending industry. If you’re looking for a solid company with a great reputation and an excellent offer for good credit borrowers, this one should be your starting point. What makes this company stand out among other personal loan providers? Let’s look at the details and main features and compare their positive and negative sides.

  • $1,000-$50,000 loan amount
  • 6.50-35.99% APR
  • 3 to 5 years personal loan term
  • 0% to 10% origination fee and 5% late fee
  • no minimum credit score requirements

With the Upstart loans for good scores, you will get your service fast. If you meet the lender’s requirements, you will get your approval and funding relatively fast.

What differentiates Upstart from its competitors is its underwriting model. What does it mean? The service uses an AI-based platform to improve its performance. Furthermore, you can pass the prequalification process based on your college degree, residence, or other non-traditional data.

What good sides do the loans for good score feature? Fast funding must be the main benefit and the openness to good credit for borrowers new to the credit. Another positive thing is using a soft credit check and changing the payment date.

All of these features seem pretty convenient. The drawback is a limited list of the best personal loans for good credit because joint loans or co-signing personal loans aren’t available with Upstart.
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You must have a good or excellent minimum credit score to expect reasonable fees, a good interest rate, and fair conditions. PersonalLoans™ are loans for good score service to give you a chance to enjoy and highly benefit from your application process. Let’s look at the details to understand what’s special about the personal loan provider.

  • $1,000 to $35,000 loan amount
  • 5.99 – 35.99% APR
  • 90 days – 72 months personal loan term
  • 1 – 5% origination fee
  • 600 minimum credit score requirement

One of the major pros the personal loans for good scores provide is the minimum credit score requirements, so even if you don’t have excellent credit, you’re still eligible for the personal loan. Fast funding and relatively fast approval are two more benefits to make you choose these personal loans for good scores as your lending partner. Furthermore, you can work with a low APR if you have good scores.

However, you can face certain inconveniences due to the PersonalLoans™ being a platform, not a lender directly. What you need to do is to be attentive and careful about your application.


Why Upgrade loans for good scores? If you have a history and expect fair loan interest rates, these loans for good scores will open the doors to reasonable fees and interest rates. The company is known for its discounts. Moreover, you can benefit from direct monthly payments to creditors. If you have a good or excellent credit score, you can win even more with Upgrade.

  • $1,000-$50,000 loan amount
  • 8.24-35.97% APR
  • 2 to 5 years personal loan term
  • 1.85% to 8.99% origination fee and a $10 late fee
  • 560 required credit score

What should you know about the Upgrade personal loans? With the help of the service with the loans for good scores, you can consolidate debt, build an even better credit history, and have good repayment terms on your personal loans.

As an applicant, you will benefit from multiple rate discounts, such as autopay, direct pay, or rewards checking discounts.

What are the pros? With the Upgrade loans for good scores, you can use multiple rate discounts, sign a secured or joint personal loan, and have direct monthly payments to credits for debt consolidation. Are there any drawbacks? You may find the origination fee to be an inconvenience. However, it’s still a minor drawback compared to the list of positive sides.
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If you have a good score, positive payment history, and can boost your credit card debt to income ratio, you won’t find a better lender than SoFi. What’s so special about this personal loan provider?

The service with loans for good credit provides unique features such as protection in case of unemployment, financial advising, or the absence of fees. Doesn’t it sound like a win-win? Let’s learn more about the lender.

  • $5,000-$100,000 loan amount
  • 7.99-23.43% APR
  • 2 to 7 years personal loan term
  • no fees
  • no required credit score

Flexibility is the fundamental approach SoFi has in its work with clients. It’s not one of the credit unions. You, as a borrower, can play with the loan amounts and enjoy the repayment terms.

With free careers, referral bonuses, various discounts, and more, this lending service with loans for good credit outshines the competition.

You will enjoy working with the service with the loans for good credit for zero fees, rate discounts for autopay, joint personal loans, and a handy app to manage all your personal loans.

Furthermore, the personal loan provider has special repayment terms to help good credit borrowers in need. The main drawback here is a relatively high minimum loan amount, but it can’t be compared with the pros of the loan proceeds.
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If you’re searching for a lender to cover a large purchase, LightStream will help you with hefty personal expenses.

The lender offers personal loans with flexible loan terms to everyone meeting the application requirements. Can you apply for a personal loan with zero fees, fair interest rates, and flexible repayment terms? It’s a reality if you use LightStream.

  • $5,000-$100,000 loan amount
  • 6.99-23.99% APR
  • 2 to 7 years personal loan term (12 years on home improvement)
  • no fees
  • 660 required credit score

The pros are apparent from the very beginning. You don’t need to bother yourself with the fees since the loans for good credit don’t require any. As an applicant, you will receive an autopay rate discount.

If you cover a big purchase with the LightStream personal loans, you will benefit from rather long repayment terms.

Are there any drawbacks? You may find it inconvenient to have no way of sending direct monthly payments for credit card consolidation. Other than that, loans for good credit are a striking option for good or excellent credit score owners.
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Why do you want to work with Marcus on the best personal loans for good credit? If you ever try managing your personal loan with the help of Marcus company, you already know the answer. It’s not a credit union.

The service is consumer-oriented and offers personal loans with a direct monthly payment to creditors for debt consolidation purposes, multiple rate discounts for various occasions, and more.

  • $3,500-$40,000 loan amounts
  • 6.99-24.99% APR
  • 3 to 6 years personal loan term
  • no fees
  • 740 required credit score for good credit personal loans

By offering the best loans for good credit for a regular savings account, Marcus will make the whole experience less cumbersome for the best personal loans. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your house to apply for a personal loan.

Payment loan terms customization, zero fees, and no additional interest in case of a deferred monthly payment make this lending provider stand out even more.

What can you benefit from when working with the Marcus personal loan firm? First, you won’t be bothered by the fees since they include zero. Multiple rate discounts and soft credit mix prequalification make loans for good credit an even more beneficial offer for borrowers. Furthermore, you can have direct on, time payments for debt consolidation.

Unfortunately, there’s no option to sign a joint or co-signer personal loan, but it’s not a massive drawback for suitable credit score applicants.


If you’re searching for an excellent credit lender to help cover your mid-size expenses, then the LendingPoint it is. You can have loan funds quickly and benefit from a list of benefits the firm offers. Let’s figure out what they are.

  • $2,000-$36,500 loan amounts
  • 7.99-35.99% APR
  • 2 to 5 years for unsecured personal loans
  • 0% to 8% origination fee
  • 600 required credit score

Let’s refer to the pros to understand the hype behind the personal loan provider. First of all, you can use a soft credit check to prequalify. It won’t hurt your good score and will ensure a faster qualification procedure.

Fast funding is another feature that makes LendingPoint an excellent choice for many. You can change your monthly payment date and get free access to your credit mix. And all of this is possible via the handy mobile app.

What about the opposing sides? No best personal loans for good scores for join options and an origination fee may be inconvenient for some applicants. However, these drawbacks aren’t massive enough to bring the positive sides of the offer.


Have you got a good or excellent credit score? Then, you might want to use the Discover loans for good scores to consolidate debt by doing the debt consolidation online, receive decent and fast customer support, and win more benefits for the borrowers. It’s not a credit union. Let’s see what you can get by working with Discover personal loans.

  • $2,500-$35,000 loan amounts
  • 6.99-24.99% APR
  • 3 to 7 years loan term
  • $39 late fee
  • 660 required credit score

You can prequalify with a soft credit check. It’s a massive feature because no one wants to hurt their FICO credit score with a hard check. What are some other pros? You can benefit from fast funding and zero origination fees.

Moreover, all the steps can be done and further managed with the help of an online app. However, late fees, no co-signing option, or rate discounts can be drawbacks for some applicants. In this case, you may also consider Egg personal loans.

Summing Up Of Personal Loans For Fair Credit 2024

Now that you’ve got a lot of information about all the loans for good scores, it’s time to decide. But what if there’s still much to process after the multiple personal loan provider reviews? It’s not a problem because we’ve gathered the most critical information in the following table to help you make the conclusions faster and easier.

Interest Rate Fees Loan Amount Loan Term Required Credit Score
Upstart 6.50-35.99% APR 0% to 10% origination fees and 5% late fee $1,000-$50,000 3 to 5 years no required credit score
PersonalLoans 5.99 – 35.99% APR 1 – 5% origination fees $1,000 to $35,000 90 days – 72 months 600
Upgrade 8.24-35.97% APR 1.85% to 8.99% origination fees and a $10 late fee $1,000-$50,000 2 to 5 years 560
SoFi 7.99-23.43% APR no fees $5,000-$100,000 2 to 7 years no required credit score
LightStream 6.99-23.99% APR no fees $5,000-$100,000 2 to 7 years 660
Marcus 6.99-24.99% APR no fees $3,500-$40,000 3 to 6 years 740
LendingPoint 7.99-35.99% APR 0% to 8% origination fees $2,000-$36,500 2 to 5 years 600
Discover 6.99-24.99% APR $39 late fee $2,500-$35,000 3 to 7 years 660

Tips for Comparing the Best Personal Loans for Good Credit

How to choose the best lender? You’ve now familiarized yourself with the top personal loan companies you can find for a good credit score. But how do you compare them and choose the best? What’s great for another person may not be a perfect fit for your personal case. So, what parameters should one check before signing the unsecured personal loan agreement?

  • Loan amounts
  • Interest rate
  • Terms for secured personal loans
  • Fees
  • Required Credit Score

These are the aspects to consider before making the final decision. If you want to sign a secured loan and be satisfied with the result, you must diligently research these elements of a personal loan application process and know the answers.

Loan Amount

How do you know if the personal loan amount is good for you? First, you have to figure out how much happy money you need and, more importantly, how much happy money you can repay to the lender.

The best personal loans will meet your expectations, but your task is to set yourself the limits. If you take more than you can handle, it will do no good for your good credit balance.

When considering the loan amounts for different personal loans for good scores, check the minimum and maximum ranges. It would be best to have maximum loan amounts to focus on bigger, best personal loans, such as a home equity loan, mortgage, or other massive purchases. However, the loan amounts shouldn’t be a decisive factor if it’s a mid-size expense.

Interest Rate

How to choose a low interest rate for good credit loans? It’s a true challenge for many applicants who aren’t familiar with the regular personal loan conditions. In general, most lending partners will have more or less the same interest rate range. But remember that interest rates will mainly be based on your FICO score.

How do you opt for a reasonable interest rate with a good credit score? If you have 740 and more, you should expect 8% APR and less. It’s a common practice to offer personal loans with lower interest rates for good or excellent credit applicants. If you have 670-739 points, you should see a 14% APR.

Anything below the mentioned numbers should go with the 18% interest rates and more. Don’t let personal loans for good scores scam you. Before you sign any personal loan agreement, always check if the APR is related correctly to your FICO score.

Loan Term

Why does the excellent credit loan term matter? If you have applied for mid-size personal loans, you shouldn’t be bothered much about personal loans. Most personal loan lenders offer the applicants 2 to 5 years of repayment terms.

However, with bigger purchases, you may want wider loan terms for the best personal loans to be sure you can repay everything on time.

Does the good credit loan term depend on your FICO score? Generally, personal loan lenders tend to offer better, more flexible best personal loans to borrowers with better credit scores. One way or another, you need to check the terms to ensure you feel comfortable with the given conditions.


When you apply for personal loans, you will undoubtedly face some of the best personal fees. There are not that many personal loan lenders offering zero fees. You can find some of them in our list mentioned at the beginning of the guide. What fees do borrowers usually encounter when applying for personal loans?

  • Origination fee. It’s one of the most commonly used on-time payments a lender may charge a borrower. What does it include? By covering an origination fee for the best personal loans, you will pay for the application process and various administrative services.
  • Late fee. If you miss the payment, the best personal lender can charge you an extra fee. The payment amount will depend on the lender’s preferences.

These are two of the most common fees for the best personal loans you can face. It’s better to look for personal loans for good scores that don’t charge any of them so that you can save happy money and don’t overspend it on various administrative or deferred payment penalties.

Required Credit Score

Good credit score requirements are the major stumble points for many applicants. You will hardly qualify for personal loans if you don’t meet the minimum credit score.

In the case of a vague income source, a lack of additional papers, or a not flawless payment history, you still have a chance to qualify. However, if you fail the credit score mark, getting good credit personal loan feedback from the lender will be more complicated.

What Is a Good Credit Score?

What is a good FICO score? There are different approaches to credit score calculations. You can come across various indexes. The general rule for the best personal loan is the following. If you have 580-669 points, it’s considered fair credit.

Good credit ranges from 670 to 739 points and is characteristic of Americans. Anything higher than 740 is regarded as very good or excellent credit.

What if I have a bad credit score for the best personal loan? It’s common for applicants to have lower credit scores than required for a certain application for personal loans. But it’s not a problem because you can increase the points.

It takes some time, but if you work on your debt to income ratio, invest in your positive credit history, and improve your relationship with good credit, you have all chances to increase the points.

How to Get a Personal Loan With Good Credit

You have read about different personal loan lenders, learned what a good credit score is, and learned tips for comparing loan offers. Now, it’s time to approach the natural process and understand how to make tangible steps to apply for personal loans.

Many applicants are convinced applying for any credit is a tiresome process that takes a lot of effort.

It’s not true if you know the steps and follow a straightforward routine for your best personal application procedure. In the following paragraphs, we’ve uncovered the simple steps each best personal applicant should follow. If you stick to this routine, you will make it a smooth and flawless process.

Step 1. Check Your Credit Score

The primary step, which should be an introduction to your application for personal loans, is a good credit score check. How is it done? It’s a relatively simple way of checking your best personal loan, which consists of requesting reports with your balance. You can do it by referring to the three major credit bureaus. There are also easier and faster ways to do it online.

Why must you check your good score before starting an application process? First of all, with an understanding of your current balance, you will clearly understand what multiple lenders suit you and what don’t.

The second reason is the credit check done by the lender. The lender performs a standard procedure. Personal loans for good scores can use a soft or hard credit check. When a hard check is imposed, it affects the excellent score and hurts the balance. So, you want to be sure you qualify before any checks are used.

Step 2. Review Your Credit Report

You have an excellent score balance, but what’s the point of reviewing your good credit report? Your best personal report has a considerable amount of information.

Before you send the document to the lender, you must ensure everything is in its place, and there are no mistakes in the report. What if you send the best personal loan report and notice a blunder? It will do no good for your further application.

It can negatively affect your overall good credit balance and chances to get the application approved. It’s not a challenging task to check the report. You can find it online and take all the examinations on your own.

Step 3. Choose The Best Lender

Now that you have all the information about your good credit status, it’s time to look for other lenders. How do you find what the best lenders offer? You need to consider the offer, including the loan terms of personal loans, personal loan rates, minimum credit score, and possible fees.

In our guide, we’ve shared the review of the 8 best lenders cap personal loans for good credit scores. If you need extra help, you can have a recap of the most lenders for a good or excellent credit score.

The main idea behind choosing an online lender is to compare and select the one that fits your general best personal purpose. If you look for personal loans for good scores to help you borrow money for a mortgage or if you need to cover college tuition, there can be two other lenders. Each best personal firm has its conditions, so it’s high time to consider all possible best individual options and choose the winner.

Step 4. Fill Out the Application Form

When you have the final best personal decision, the practical part comes to the fore. Each applicant must fill out the form to include the purpose, for example, to cover medical bills.

It’s a mandatory step that you can’t simply omit. Is it complicated to fill out the best personal form? In basic terms, the process is relatively simple, but one has to be very attentive. If you make some mistakes, it can badly affect your ability to qualify.

Step 5. Provide Documentation

The final step is to send the necessary papers to other lenders to prove your identification and other essential aspects. What papers does one need to provide to apply for personal loans? The list can differ from service to service. The general list is the following:

  • You need to send an ID, a Social Security Number, or any other license that can prove your identity for the best personal loans.
  • A good credit report, pay stubs, and additional documents proving your income are also mandatory.
  • You may need to be asked to send other types of papers depending on the personal loans you take.

This list is approximate because the lenders offer the final document package. The important thing is to be careful with your papers and send every document that’s being requested. Otherwise, you can get rejected and will need to start over the whole process.

Step 6. Receive Funding

If the application is successful, there should be nothing to stop you from receiving loan funds. How much time does it take to receive same day funding? Again, lenders offer the final terms. If the best personal loans can’t find any mistakes or issues, you can get your same day funding within a couple of days. In other not good credit cases, it can take longer.


Yes, you can get a personal loan with a 700 good credit score. If you take a look at the good score range, 700 is considered to be a good balance for the online consumer lending division. If you want to learn more about how to apply for personal loans successfully with a good score, you should read our guide.

A good score for the best personal loans is divided into bad, fair, good, very good credit, and excellent credit. You can get approved for personal loans with any type of happy money. However, the terms will differ tremendously. With good and excellent credit, you can expect the most beneficial terms, personal loan rates, and fees.

If you have good or excellent credit, you will easily find any type of personal loan. It all depends on your credit card debt preparation. The best personal application process will be smooth if you have all papers on hand and meet the lender’s requirements.

APR depends on your score mostly. With good or excellent credit, anything higher than 18% is considered a high APR. To clarify, you need to look for an 8-14% APR with a 670-850 good credit balance.

Yes, you can expect your application to be fully safe. With fair scores, applicants should expect reasonable fairs and moderate rates the leader imposes. However, it’s always the best practice to be attentive to every agreement you sign.