Review Old Navy Credit Card 2024

This article will consider an Old Navy credit card commonly used by Americans. Issued by Synchrony Bank, it offers numerous benefits to its owners for eligible program membership. The Navy Visa card is used across the Gap incorporation, including Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and Intermix.

You can use this card in all these shops and get bonuses. Old Navy Visa card can be used as a store card or anywhere Visa is accepted. Credit card holders can receive bonuses and even earn cash.

So, here we go! Why are these cards so popular? Is it a good option for you? Below, you will find answers to these and other topic-related questions.

General Description of Old Navy Credit Card

Old Navy Credit Card

The credit card issuer has taken care of devoted Gap Inc. fans. With this credit option, you will enjoy brand discounts and an employee discount (if you are entitled to it).

This credit card is accepted at around 11 million stores nationwide and abroad, so it’s on the list of the best credit cards in Canada. You can use it for making offline and online credit card payments. However, it would help if you remembered about merchandise restrictions. The Navy accepts both Mastercard International incorporated and Visa payment forms.

This relatively new program (initiated on July 20, 2021) deserves our attention. It offers fast credit approval, flexible billing cycles, an appealing brand bonus system, etc. Among other things, new clients can get a 30% or 20% first purchase discount.

If you haven’t heard about a Navy solution, you should read this article carefully. Who knows, maybe it can change your life for the better.

What You Should Know About Old Navy Credit Card

Most customers opt for this solution because of rich bonus points, discounts, and zero annual fee. Before you apply for this credit card, investigate its terms and conditions carefully. Like any other credit solution, an Old Navy card may be unsuitable for you.

You should remember that specific shops limit this card. If you are not a big fan of them, most reward points won’t be available. That is why you should consider your shopping preferences and the peculiar features of the Navy credit card payment system. Let’s do the second task together!


The most pivotal information for any cardholder is the money they must pay back. This Synchrony bank product allows you to pay online and offline. There is no annual fee charged. However, be ready to pay 3% of the total amount for foreign transactions. Among other things, you will have to pay from your bank account $5 or 5% of the amount for balance transfers.

Don’t forget to check your credit card balance regularly so as not to cross the credit limit accidentally. Otherwise, you must pay $10 or 5% of each cash advance.


The following essential aspect for you to consider is the annual percentage rate. This term defines the additional amount you need to pay per year for borrowing a particular sum of money.

Navy credit card payment in terms of APR is

  • For purchases – 28.24%;
  • For balance transfers – 28.24% (if you use the world elite Mastercard system);
  • For cash advances – 29.24% (with Mastercard).

These figures may vary due to the Prime Rate. That is why you should check the loan conditions before borrowing money.


Eligible program members earn points and bonuses for using this card. These rewards are available and earned only across co-branded merchandise like Banana Republic.

  1. Earn rewards: you can receive 5 points for each dollar spent (in a shop or via online payment). After earning 5,000 bonuses from previous purchases, you may qualify for a Navyist Rewards Credit Card and use a 20% reward for one quarterly bonus. Visa card also allows one point for purchases at other merchants. Brand discounts can help you save money.
  2. Redeeming points: a cardholder can redeem rewards automatically after accumulating more than 500 points. The reward certificate value ranges from $5 to $50. For 7,000 points, you will get one $50 and one $20 certificate. Qualifying purchase up to 3 rewarding certificates in-store and up to 5 for online sole payment type. You can get no more than $250 in rewards per billing cycle. Other points will be calculated within the next billing cycle.
  3. Rewards potential: the following bonus points can be used for buying gap factory goods. With this card, you can get a $50 discount on a $250 bill. Don’t forget about a new account discount which is 30%.

Customer Support

If you have any card-related questions, you can get a consultation from the consultants of all eligible brands manufactured by a banana republic factory. The number varies from one state to another to get the most accurate information. You can also get a consultation via phone.

To make it possible, google Barclays Bank Delaware Old Navy (for example). If you don’t want to waste your time on this research, contact the call center at 1-800-653-6289. You can also chat at Regular chat hours are daily, 7 am-1 am ET.

How to Apply For an Old Navy Credit Card?

As we have mentioned, there are two types of Navy cards. Issued by Visa and stores. To qualify for both of them, you must be:

  • older than 18 years old;
  • have an identification number;
  • meet minimum income and credit score requirements.

Account opening is possible online (via creating an online account) or by visiting a physical store location. If you opt for the second option, you have to go to the checkout register or customer service desk to fill in the application. If you have no eligibility restrictions, you can receive a card and make offline or online purchases.

Pros and Cons of Old Navy Credit Card

Active Navy shoppers can gain significant benefits from making Banana Republic purchases. The advantages and disadvantages of this card depend on you. If you earn 5,000 points per calendar year, you will get free shipping and a toll-free line when calling for customer support. Moreover, if you have high status and join Icon members, you will get early access to the best offers and sales.

However, you won’t benefit from this card if you are not a big fan of shopping. The APR is relatively high, with 27.49% as an average percentage. Even though there is no annual fee, new clients cannot enjoy an introductory interest-free period. You risk getting trapped into harsh charges if you miss a minimum payment.

Is The Old Navy Credit Card Worth It?

If you make multiple purchases from Gap Inc. shops, you can use the annual bonus system. Before applying for a card, make sure it will be a beneficial offer. Even though bonus points are annual, if you are not a shopaholic, it is better to look for another credit solution.

If you are making foreign transactions frequently, it will also cost you money. The cash advance APR is also relatively high. That is why make sure you don’t miss transaction dates and don’t pay high fees because of it.

How Can I Pay my Old Navy Credit Card?

Making an online payment in-store thanks to a particular online portal or mobile application is possible. If you find it challenging, use email or phone number options.

This process is not complicated. You must log in and click the “make a payment” button if you have a personal account. If you don’t have a page, click “Pay as Guest.” And follow the instructions.


To get an Old Navy credit card, a person has to have fair or good credit (at least 670 points). If you doubt whether you would qualify for a card, applying for a Mastercard option is better. This one will be easier to get. Old Navy Credit Card approvement process is more transparent than solutions offered by any traditional financial institution.

This card offers rich rewarding system. Firstly, you can get a 30% discount on the first purchase. Secondly, you can earn bonuses from all further transactions at Gap. Inc shops. Earn 5 points for each dollar spent. The discount code expires 12 months after the purchase. You can get no more than $250 in rewards per billing cycle.

You can make Navy credit card payments at any shop owned by Gap worldwide. You can use this card in all stores owned by Gap inc. They include Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and Intermix.