Best $100 Loan Instant Apps to Get Money Quickly

If your car breaks down, you must pay a medical bill or cover the cost of a work trip; you can take out a small loan on one of the loan apps. It’s elementary – you download the app, sign up, specify the amount you need, and get the money within a few hours. Such small loans are straightforward to get, even if you have a low credit score.

However, you must remember that this is why they come with a high APR, which can be as high as 2000%, and are illegal in some states. Below, we have described several instant loan apps and platforms where you can borrow money today.


It is one of the most widespread payday advance apps anyone with fair credit can get. The company already has several thousand positive reviews on various platforms, which praise its reasonable interest rate and no exorbitant fees. If you urgently need to borrow money in any U.S. state other than Nevada or West Virginia from the comfort of your own home, LendingPoint can be a great option.

Best for

LendingPoint is one of the best cash advance apps for those in an emergency who need a personal loan for fair credit.

General description

LendingPoint isn’t like most cash advance apps because it allows 95% of applicants to get a loan, regardless of their loan purpose (as long as it is legal). In addition, you can borrow money from the company online from the comfort of your home if you have U.S. citizenship, live in one of the 48 states where the company operates, and have a checking account.

You must provide additional documents, such as proof of your income, driver’s license, and Social Security Number, to get a loan. But don’t worry; until you sign an agreement with the lender, your credit score will remain untouched – applying won’t affect it in any way.

Loan term

This 100 loan instant app has only two repayment terms – 2 years or six years. However, you should know that if you can repay sooner, the company will not charge you a prepayment fee.

Loan amount

Depending on your credit score, app usage history, and income level, you can get anything from $2,000 to $35,600 through this app. On average, if this is your first time borrowing through LendingPoint and you have a FICO score above 650, you can expect up to $5,000.

APR up to

In the LendingPoint app, you borrow at a fixed rate ranging from 7.99% to 35.99%. The final APR will depend on your credit score and app usage history.

Pros and cons of loans

The decision to take credit from this loan instant application is a good one because:

  • The lender does not do a hard credit check.
  • You can get money even if your credit score is 580 points.
  • The maximum rate of 36% is adequate compared to payday loans.
  • You will receive money instantly into your checking account the next day after your application is approved.

However, at the same time, you need to keep in mind a few disadvantages of such loans:

  • This lender doesn’t allow co-signers or co-applicants, so if you need a large amount with a low credit score, you are better off choosing a different loan instant application.
  • May charge an origination fee of 0%-6%.

Pros and cons of the app

LendingPoint is highly rated, above 4.5 on several platforms with user reviews. This is because the app is user-friendly and allows you to control the entire process of receiving and paying money from the comfort of your home.

For example, you can submit your application in minutes, sign an agreement with your lender without leaving the app, and keep track of every pay period. LendingPoint also allows you to connect auto payments and has friendly customer service.

Of the app’s disadvantages, users note only one – after the last update, LendingPoint stops recognizing the Face ID and may ask to change the password. To avoid these problems, the developers advise uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

The app can be downloaded on IOS or Android

You can install the instant loan application on your phone or tablet, regardless of its platform. Alternatively, you can use the company’s website to apply for credit online from your computer.

Check `n go

This company was created back in 1994 to give loans to those whom banks and many financial institutions reject. The lenders that Check ‘n Go works with do not conduct a credit check, providing loans to almost anyone who wants them. But, of course, the company has shorter payment terms and a higher APR.

Best for

This app is suitable for those needing to borrow a little money to cover unexpected expenses (car breakdown, medical bills, etc.) without a credit check.

General description

Check ‘n Go is an online and offline lender with over 1,000 offices throughout the United States. You can get payday credit, installment loans, and a cash advance without a credit check. To be able to get a loan on this app, you need to:

  • Have U.S. citizenship and provide proof of your identity.
  • A valid checking account older than 30 days.
  • Social Security Number (for some states only).
  • Information about your income level.

The cash advance app doesn’t conduct a credit check, so you can apply even if your FICO score is less than 580.

Loan term

This cash advance app provides several types of loans:

  • Installment loans are available for 3 to 18 months.
  • Payday loans are given for 10 to 31 days.

Usually, such companies have extended repayment periods, so before borrowing money here, make sure you can pay it back in time.

Loan amount

The app works strictly under local laws, so the limit on how much you can borrow varies from state to state. For example, in California, you can borrow a maximum of $255, while Florida law allows payday loans of $500; somewhere, it can be a 300-dollar loan.

APR up to

The company has a reasonably high APR on all types of loans because it doesn’t check your credit rating. The final interest rate also depends on the state – in Missouri, it can be up to 370%, and in South Carolina, up to 260%.

You need to download the app or go to the company’s website to find the exact limits in your state. Be aware of overdraft fees as high as $35 per transaction.

Pros and cons of loans

We’ve read over 100 different reviews of the app and determined that users note the following positive points:

  • You can receive money instantly or the next business day after your application is approved.
  • You can still get a loan even if your credit score is 500 FICO points.

On the downside, they cite high interest rates, shorter payment terms for installment loans, and the lack of company offices in some U.S. states.

Pros and cons of the app

The main drawback of the application is that it is not available in the official App Store or Google Play. You must download the app’s APK file to your Android phone or tablet to install it. In addition, the app is not very reliable.

Judging by user reviews, it often hangs up, does not allow you to join a checking account, does not withdraw money from the card in time, and may lead to overdraft fees. So if you want to get a loan from this company, use the website, not the app – it is available on all phones, tablets, and computers.

The app can be downloaded on Android

The application is not available in the official stores of Android or iOS. Therefore, you can only use it on Android gadgets if you find the APK file on the Internet and install it on your device.


CashNetUSA is one of the best lenders for $100 cash advances in 29 US states. So, if you are facing financial hardship or unexpected expenses, you can download the loan instant application from the App Store or Google Play and get your money within 1-24 hours.

Best for

This is an excellent option for those in a difficult or emergency who need a few hundred dollars before their next payday.

General description

CashNetUSA is an instant loan app and a financial education platform for its users. Here, you can borrow money instantly and take advantage of interactive tools and educational resources on money management on the website or in the app.

To get a loan from CashNetUSA, you must have proof of your identity, place of residence, and employment. You will also need your Social Security Number and savings account for money transfers.

Loan term

Loan payment terms are not based on platform limits but on your state’s laws. However, cash advances of up to $500 to $600 are usually given until your next payday, 2-3 weeks, and larger loans are provided for 8-31 months.

Loan amount

There are two products on the app – installment loans up to $3,500 and payday loans up to $600. Depending on your local laws, this amount may change downward.

APR up to

This instant loan application has a relatively low average APR on small cash advances of 120% (but the maximum APR is 800%). Also, CashNetUSA sets a maximum interest rate of 36% for loans of several months or years.

Pros and cons of loans

The main advantage of this instant loan application is the ability to borrow funds even if you have no credit history. According to the creators, 97% of those who applied received a cash advance within 1-2 working days. However, you need to remember that this option has its disadvantages:

  • High-interest rates.
  • Unavailability in some states in America.
  • The short repayment period of the loan.

Pros and cons of the app

The CashNetUSA app is easy to use yet very functional. You can apply for a loan, track the lender’s decision-making process, pay your monthly payment, look at your payment plan, and even take a free financial course.

Besides, the application will notify you that your bank account balance is low so that you can avoid penalties for insufficient funds. However, judging by user reviews, sometimes the app can’t connect automatic payments, doesn’t accept a credit card, and resets the password. In such cases, contacting the developers or using the company’s website is better.

The app can be downloaded on IOS, Android

This instant loan application is available for all platforms and devices. However, you can use the site’s desktop version to apply online from your computer.

Speedy Cash

Speedy Cash was established in 1997 and now provides services in 11 U.S. states: California, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas. As with previous payday loan apps, you can get one of two types of credit in this one: installment or payday (cash advance), depending on your needs and where you live.

Best for

If you live in one of the states where the company provides its services, you can use the Speedy Cash app to cover emergency expenses and receive money without credit checks.

General description

Over the past 25 years, the company has loans to hundreds of thousands of Americans. You don’t have to have a high credit score to borrow money through this app. Provide:

  • Your driver’s license.
  • Proof of identity and place of residence.
  • Income or employment verification.
  • Information about your existing bank account.

Loan term

Like most payday loan apps, Speedy Cash lends you money for 10 to 31 days, usually until your next paycheck. However, if you borrow a few thousand dollars, you must take out an installment loan for one to 18 months.

Loan amount

The minimum amount you can borrow in the app is $100, and the maximum is $5,000. However, if this is your first experience with the company, your maximum limit will be slightly lower, around $3,000.

APR up to

The minimum APR in this instant loan application is 132%. At the same time, the maximum limit is not set, but we know it can go up to 650%.

Pros and cons of $100 loans

Among the advantages of such loans, we can highlight:

  • The possibility of obtaining funds without collateral and credit checks.
  • No need to stand in queues at the bank.

At the same time, this company is not the best option because the money to your account can come in 3 working days. Also, this application has no pre-approval with soft credit pulls, and the company does not report to credit bureaus and has very high APR and late fees.

Pros and cons of the app

The Speedy Cash loan instant app allows you to control receiving and paying out money on your phone. With it, you can:

  • Make payments.
  • Contact customer service.
  • Locate the nearest branches.
  • Set payment reminders.

But at the same time, the loan instant app has one significant disadvantage – you can’t get new credit through it; you’ll have to use the company’s website.

The app can be downloaded on IOS and Android

You can download this loan instant app from the official Apple and Google stores for free. However, as. As of today, it can only be installed on cell phones.

Should I Take a $100 Loan From Instant App?

If you need money urgently, a $100 short term loan may be the only way out of this situation. Why?

  1. It’s a quick way to get funds without a credit check.
  2. You can apply anywhere in the country without waiting in line or visiting offices or bank branches.
  3. Even if you have a low credit score or no credit history, you can still find a lender willing to provide you with money.

However, you should understand that these loans come with the most significant risk of default. Because of the high APR and short repayment terms, many borrowers end up in debt, destroying their credit scores.

And, of course, never use these money-loaning apps to receive a credit builder loan. If you are 100% sure you will repay the entire amount on time, you can take such a loan on the cash app.

However, if you have doubts, try to find an alternative. For example, ask your boss to pay your salary a couple of weeks early, borrow money from friends, or ask for some financial help from close relatives.

A Smart Way to Choose Financial Options

Before you decide whether to borrow money, you should consider the following factors:

Do you have the option of not taking out this loan?

Most of the time, these small loans come with very high interest rates. For example, you can borrow $200 and pay back $800 a month later. Or maybe you know people willing to lend you this money without interest or have a credit card that can be used in such an emergency?

In any case, try to avoid such unprofitable loans.

Will you be able to pay back the loan on time?

As we wrote above, these loans come with short repayment terms. Can you pay back the total amount in the weeks or months specified? If not, it is best not to take out a loan because late fees and other penalties can amount to as much as 100% of the loan amount and put you in debt.

Which is the best option if you need to take out a loan?

Sometimes a payday loan is more advantageous than a car title loan, and sometimes it is the other way around. Read up on the differences between the different types of loans and ask a financial counselor for help if you can’t decide which one you need.


To get money from these loan apps, you must be a U.S. citizen over 18 and provide proof of your identity. You may also be asked to upload proof of income or employment and a Social Security Number. A prerequisite for getting money through the app has a checking bank account.

There are many loan apps where you can receive funds in 1-2 business days, but the most popular ones are LendingPoint, CashNetUSA, and Speedy cash. They all offer different types of loans for your purposes without checking your credit rating.

Yes, having an existing bank account for more than 30 days is a requirement to get money through such an app. This is necessary under the financial institution’s terms because otherwise, it can’t transfer the money directly to your bank account.

Many loan apps allow users to get multiple loans simultaneously; the only limitation is the ratio of money borrowed to your income level. So naturally, the more debt you have, the less likely you will get another loan.